Helpers.Club is
Design to
help is not a network marketing program.  
We provide tools to help you get more people to join your programs
by giving you the tools to easily help them be successful.

Just $1
for the first month
then $8.87 each month after

Multiple Splash Pages

Easily Create Pages That You Can Use To Tell People About The Programs That You Are Promoting.  Create Multiple Pages And See Which One Has The Best Performance.  Also We Generate Short URLs For You Like:

Built In Rotator

Allow The People You Sponsor To Submit Their Info And Our Rotator Will Rotate Among You And Your Sponsors.  Allowing You To Help Your Sponsors Be Successful Too.


See How Many Times You Have Shown Your Splash Pages And How Many Times Each User’s Link Has Been Clicked.

You will easily see which splash page performs the best and be able to weed out the duds.

Set Priorities

Our System Will Randomly Show Your Referrals Links on Your Splash Pages.  However, You Can Set Which Users Have A Higher Priority, So That Some User’s Links Are Shown More Frequently.

Help Your Team

Sign Up More People By Offering To Help them

One of the main concerns that people have to not join a program that sells things, is that they are afraid that they won’t be able to sell anything. makes it easy for you to help.  Knowing that someone is on their team and ready to help them makes them more likely to join under you in a referral program.

Just knowing that someone is on their side makes people more willing to sign-up.  We even make it easy to communicate with the people that you refer and motivate or share things with them. 

Almost Any Program

Use to promote almost any program. allows you to enter all the programs that you want to promote.  All we do is help you help your team.  We provide you with a rotator that can be customized so that you can either send visitors to everyone’s links evenly or you can prioritize who should get more visitors.  We also help you keep track of the stats as to how many people have clicked each link and how many times your page has been shown.  All you need to do is drive visitors to the pages.  


All for just:
Your first month then
$8.87 a each month after – Cancel anytime