How do I help my team?

People are often more willing to join a program when they know someone is going to help them.
And they are also more likely to refer someone themselves when they know that someone might help them.
So we make it easy to do this.

Let us show you what we mean by giving you an example:

Suppose you joined a company and they are a network marketing program.
When you join they give you your own referral link and it is   where abcd is your user ID for Sample Company 123.  Notice how it is in the URL that they gave you.  Then you join and we ask you for your referral URL, but we ask you to replace your user ID with this: %USER%
So the link becomes:

You place your referral link on a custom made page by you and you get Sally to join.
When Sally clicked the link to join we knew you had no one else under you yet so our system gave sally your referral link:
After Sally joined under you at Sample Company 123  here user ID that she got was sally so she returns back to and fills out the form for you to help her.
She gives you her user ID and now that custom page that you created has a random link on it.  Each time it loads it changes from: to  So now you are helping sally out as well as yourself.