What is a rotator?

A rotator is a special script that randomly picks links from a list. So how it works, is you give us a link that you want to promote for a company. Let’s pretend that the company is ABC Company and let’s pretend your user ID with the company is “happyguy123”. Suppose ABC Company gives you a link that looks like this: http://abccompany.com/?userid=happyguy123.  You then give the link to us but instead of having your user ID in the link you replace it with %USER% so the link now looks like this: http://abccompany.com/?userid=%USER%, but we also ask for your user ID so that at first when you have no one under you we will send people to http://abccompany.com/?userid=happyguy123.  However, then when you get a person under you we will ask them for their user IDs.  Suppose Bob joins under you and his ID is bob123  so we would randomly show your link and also http://abccompany.com/?userid=bob123.